As we quickly approach Christmas I find myself thinking of three things, “Thank God he sent us a savior,” “boy, do I miss Helen,” and “Man, my heart breaks with all the other Loss Mama’s this Christmas.”

Early in our grief, I was fortunate to find an online community, The Joyful Morning, for moms that have lost babies, whether through pregnancy or infant loss. This is an amazing resource for moms and has been a true gift to me and many others. As the holidays have approached, I’ve found myself drawn to this page more and more. I read people’s stories and my heart aches with them because I know so much of what they’re feeling.

When we say we feel alone, we remind each other we’re not.

October through December will be a difficult time for most of us. My grief has already intensified and I can see it all over our facebook page too. Most of us will feel weary, angry, sad, guilty, anxious, or hopeless over the course of the holidays. We can feel completely alone in a room full of people and long for someone to see our pain.

But, we are all human (read: sinful), we all have our own view of the world, heartbreaks, and joys. The truth is, as humans, we cannot know the pain of others. We can’t fill the deep need in the human heart, whether it has been illuminated by grief or something else entirely. You and I can not make it better. There is no way we can know the thoughts and feelings of someone else at any given second and meet their need. We can’t–we weren’t meant to.

But God was– and he does.

Psalm 56:8 says, “You have kept count of my tossings; kept my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book? ” Even when no one else sees us, no one else sees the hurt or joy or guilt or peace, God does. He sees it and he feels it and he knows it.

I believe the greatest gift we can give grieving Mamas this Christmas is the reminder that they are not alone. They are remembered and God sees their pain; in every second.

Dear Mushka, a small business that “pairs jewelry and accessories with scripture so that God’s words are always at the front of your mind and heart,” have specifically designed the Keeper necklace to reflect Psalm 56:8.

I would love to give this beautiful necklace to as many women as possible this Christmas. My hope and prayer is that this piece of jewelry will point them to the truth of the Bible. When they are in a difficult moment or a difficult situation, I hope that they will tug at their neck and be reminded of God’s goodness through the simple shape of the teardrop pendant.

I need your help. I have over 50 women who are thirsty for this outpouring of love. I believe we could easily reach 50 more.

Would you partner with me to bless these Mamas this Christmas?

It’s simple, head on over to GoFundme to donate any amount. The proceeds will cover the cost of this project, purchasing, packaging, shipping, etc.

This will be a bigger blessing than you’ll ever know. I believe it wholeheartedly.


One thought on “Christmas Gifts for Mamas in Grief

  1. Thank you for your beautiful heart for others, even in the midst of the pain you feel. I know this will bless so many loss mamas incredibly ❤️


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